Buttstock Shell Holder "Riekko"

Grab your gun and go. Keep a few more rounds at the ready with this leather shell holder.

A beautiful and practical shell holder for your shotgun or rifle.

Made from real leather and natural linen thread. It attaches securely to your buttstock with leather lacing. Because of the velours leather on the inside it sits firmly and will not move. What more can we say? If you like it, read on and get in touch.

How it is made

This product is handmade by us. We designed the pattern based on the stock of a Winchester SXP shotgun. We are confident that it will also fit a wide variety of other shotguns or rifles.

  1. First all the parts of the pattern are cut out of leather and prepared to be dyed in the desired color.
  2. After the dye has been applied and is completely dry the parts are glued and stitched together by hand in front of the open fire box of our wood cook stove. Hand-stitching is a "meditative" process and goes well with the occasional staring into the fire and a hot cup of tea.
  3. Last we work the edges, put in the eyelets for the lacing and apply a nice and protective finnish.

Options & Pricing

Shotgun Shell Holder made from leather in dark brown

Variant #1 - Dark Brown

Model Buttstock Shell Holder "Riekko"
Variant Dark Brown
Caliber Standard for 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells. Ask us for different bullet loops.
Material Vegetable tanned cow leather on the outside and a sheep velour leather on the inside. Natural linen thread. Cangaroo leather lace.
Color Dark Brown on the outside and a light natural brown on the inside. Light thread.
Price Ask

How to order

If a product or service has piqued your interest, send us an email at aha@metsahaasi.fi.
We like to get to know our customers and prefer doing business with a personal note.

We prefer payments in silver coins with a warm handshake to seal the deal. If that is not possible a standard bank transfer will do.
We ship locally on horseback and everywhere else with the postal service.


All our products are handmade and come with a life-time warranty. If you live long enough to wear them down you can always send them in (at your expense) for repair. And if we are still in business then we will restore them for another generation to enjoy. Free of charge.

Why our choice of material matters

Made from all natural materials. Real leather, non-toxic glue and linen thread.
If you get eaten by a bear at least you don't leave a pile of polyester in the forest.